Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fire Opal

This time I want to share a quick experiment, sorry for the lazy looking "artwork". I've had a mani with Color Club "Sparkle And Soar" from their Take Wing -collection since Midsummer Eve. Working in the garden has been hard on my nails, so the polish was looking very sad. I had to make a quick repair for a sudden visit, so I just added to the old mani.

I love Swarovski's Fire Opal crystals, their vivid and sparkling colours. And there I got the idea: I used China Glaze neon polish "Japanese Koi" on the tips, about half the lenght of the nail. Over that one more coat of "Sparkle And Soar", top coat - and that's it!

In the photo I'm holding my earrings with bicones in Fire Opal, so you can see the resemblance. This mani is intriguing, looks a bit like duochrome. The neon polish layer shows in the middle fingers, but not in the pinkie and pointing finger. :) Love this mani, I have to do it properly some other time.

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